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Leak detection and repair

Water leaks are a common occurrence in New York.  Shifting ground, corrosive coastal soil and inland heat, can all create issues that cause leaks. Because of these unique environmental conditions, many times, people are unaware that they even have a leak. Here are a few things to look for:

If you suspect a leak, here are a few simple steps: Before checking for leaks, you must make sure all running faucets, toilets and irrigation valves are repaired or stopped before conducting any tests. Also, all ice makers, reverse osmosis filters and any other fixtures that constantly uses water must also be shut off to do the test.

Check the water meter to see if the flow needle or dial is moving when no water is being used. Check all toilet tanks to see if water is draining into the overflow tube. Also put some dye into the toilet tank then check to see if the dye drains into the bowl.